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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Current interests and other things.

Being pinched for time hasn't killed my jazz habit, it's just changed the way I do it. It's certainly changed the way I write about it. If you're paying attention, you know I'm currently four days behind the 8-ball. I'd like to think I'm about to come up to speed in this and a few other projects, but who knows. The last four weeks have been very busy for me and the next four promise to be even busier. Hard work is a good thing.

I've been stretching out a little bit, exploring dusty corners for new things I haven't listened to. I look forward to blogging more about Rez Abbasi, Nathan Davis, Esperanza Spaulding, Stanley Turrentine, Ted Nash, and Rabih Abou Khalil.

Dig that camel. 

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