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Sunday, April 21, 2013

88. Various Artists / Ultra Lounge Sampler (1996)

Without buying every disc in the Ultra Lounge series, you can have a nice cross-section of what the series offers in the slick Ultra Lounge Sampler. The CD came clad in gaudy leopard print fuzzy fabric that will inspire the animal in you at the next cocktail party or late night rendezvous. Each disc in the series focuses on a specific sub-genre of exotica, like Space Age, Tiki, Mambo, etc., and this collection dips its toes into each. I can dig the variety, and good sequencing makes a nice ride. It starts off with a real bang, or rather a real hoot and a chirp, with the archetypal "Mondo Exotica" by Martin Denny. Following are the wild vocal contortions of Yma Sumac, and then it's straight to Cape Canaveral with "Glow Worm Cha-Cha-Cha." The Rhapsodesia section is a nice touch, putting Julie London's syrupy "Go Slow" (don't miss "Teach Me Tiger" either!) right after two swingin' tunes by Louis Prima and Bobby Darin. There's a lot of pop nostalgia here, and it's all handled by the best studio orchestras in the business.

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