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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

19. Joe Henderson / Power to the People (1969)

Power to the People implicates Henderson in the new jazz of the late sixties, and in hindsight, speaks for his versatility in different forms of jazz. It's also very accessible and easy to enjoy. Overall I think it's successful, and it holds up to a lot of repeat listening. The band is Henderson, Jack DeJohnette, Herbie Hancock, Mike Lawrence, and Ron Carter. These are certainly players who are capable of stretching out and pushing themselves into new areas. Henderson's playing is clean and lyrical, boldly assertive and individualistic. The ponderous "Black Narcissus" meanders like a dreamy tone poem. I lose the musicality a little bit in the suite on Side 2, but appreciate the passion Henderson puts into it. Herbie Hancock is also notable here, being the first electric instrument on a Henderson album. He is nearly isolated in the left channel, and his interplay is stimulating.

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